Year End Meeting Notes

Here are the notes from the year end captains meeting. This feedback can be used next season to help shape league decisions for the 2018 season.

Boards – Was agreed upon that the league should have better standardization of boards across all sponsor locations. It was proposed that we should have 1-2 board members in charge of checking board setup at each bar. It was also recommended that all league boards should be stored in plastic in the off season.

Tournaments – We should do more promotion of weekend tournaments to try and attract more darters to the league. An additional suggestion was to have some type of discount rate for some tournaments, if a league member brought a new darter to throw in the tournament. RC Stein indicated that he has dart stands and boards that could be used for tournaments we want to start at new locations in town. He would allow the league to use them for no charge. RC did ask if the league would be willing to contribute to a fund to build a few more dart stands. RC has a need for some for the Prinze tournament, but if the league could use them for other tournaments, we would get the benefit that way.

Regular Season – Most everyone agreed that having just two divisions for the league regular season worked well and they would like to keep this format. This allowed each team to play more different teams and get to know some other teams.

League Tournament – Most people indicated that they preferred smaller divisions for the league tournament. Ideally, having a minimum of 7-8 teams in each tournament group seemed to make sense. The topic of how to handle subs during tournaments came up. Currently, the rules having nothing stating that a player must have played in so many weeks with their team to be eligible for the league tournament. So, it may help to clarify this rule at the fall meeting.

Additional League Night – One suggestion was made to add an additional night of league darts. This would not affect the league on Thursday nights, but would be a separate steel dart league/division that would just throw a different night (Tuesday’s was suggested). This would give some people an opportunity to start new teams to prep them for Thursday, or just have a chance for people to play with different individuals.

Finances – Vickie gave a treasurer’s report and indicated that the league checkbook has a balance of $487.16. Payouts for the league tournament were $3.00 per win for each team.