Fall Meeting Notes

The fall organizational meeting was held Thursday, Sept 23rd at the KC Hall. Excellent attendance and we registered 24 teams that evening for the league this year. Shown here are the notes from that meeting. Please read through these and ask any of the officers if you have any questions.

Registration – If you still need to turn in a registration sheet or update information on your sheet, please contact one of the officers. Pat B will be handling the schedules.
Elections – Eric Score, President – Larry Johnson, Vice President – Vicki George, Treasurer – Scott Stephenson, Secretary. All of their contact information is located on the Officers page on this web site.

Treasurers Report – We have a balance of approx $799 currently in the account. We typically like to carry over $350 to $400 for expenses, so this is a bit high. It was decided that approximately $300 of this, along with $122 collected at tournaments last year would go towards the purchase of new boards for the league. Team and Sponsor fees remain the same this year at $125 and $50 respectively. Payouts will be handled in a similar fashion this year, but specific payouts will be decided at the mid-season meeting.

Secretary Report – Packets will be made available the week before the regular season at the KC Hall in Fargo. Packets will contain rules, letters, match sheets and score sheets. Match Sheets contain the information regarding how to return the results. Please return results promptly each week. Stats will most likely be posted on Tuesday nights each week. Scott did indicated that stats may be a little late the first week or two, depending on the arrival of his new baby.

Schedules – Season will start on Thursday, October 7. Start times will be 7:30, except for possibly a 7:00 start for the lower division teams. With 24 teams, it was decided to go with more than 2 divisions. Because of the breakdown of the teams, we decided on 4 divisions of six teams each. Each team will play everyone in their division twice. In addition, A & B team will play each other once and C & D teams will play each other once.

Rules – Discussed the sub rule and voted on the following. Once a sub or any darter plays three weeks for the same team, they then become sole property of that team and are not eligible to play with another team for the rest of that season. Some exceptions to this rule will be allowed in extreme cases, but this will be at the discretion of the two competing team captains for that week’s match.

Other Topics – If your sponsor bar needs a new board or better lighting, please contact Eric or Larry to make arrangements for assistance from the league. Adding an additional league night was discussed, but there was no interest in this. Last spring RC asked about possible contributions to dart stands that the league could use for tournaments. It was decided that the league would not have money to contribute to dart stands, because of the purchase of new boards for the league